A Story of Femininity and Sophistication

Inspired by Peru's long-standing tradition of delicate silver craftsmanship, Paqarina Jewellery was founded in Singapore in 2015. Our designs are modern, 100% handcrafted in Peru, made from 950 silver -the highest quality of silver-, and preserve the millenarian tradition of the artisans’ ancestors.

Paqarina Jewellery's style is contemporary yet timeless, and also takes into account current market trends. Each piece of our collections reflects the spirit of a sophisticated, modern, classy but also a fun and adventurous woman with a touch of Latin flair. Our designs are very versatile and wearable, from day to evening.

Paqarina Jewellery works with talented local artisans from some of the poorest regions of Peru, such as Cusco and Junin. These craftsmen use jewellery-making techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation (Eg: filigree, patina, crochet, etc.) Currently, we have three workshops in Peru and support 30+ artisans. We design and curate every model of the Paqarina collections in close collaboration with them. Our support of local artisan communities has resulted in a larger pool of artisans joining our fair trade practices every year.

Our name, Paqarina Jewellery, originates from Quechua, the language of the Incas (which is still spoken in the highlands of Peru). Paqarina means “dawn and new beginning”.

Our USP:
- Limited edition and handcrafted designs made in Peru.
- High quality pieces with affordable and fair trade prices.
- Our pieces are made from 950 silver, which is 95% pure and has greater purity than 925 silver sterling.
- Contemporary fine jewellery with a touch of Latin flair.